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     I enjoyed representing disabled claimants for years.  I could assist people who really needed help to obtain valuable benefits, and the practice paid me just enough.  It was a practice and a ministry.
​     Then a couple of new Social Security judges moved into the jurisdiction


   Help with Social Security Disability & SSI

  The Back Story 

and favorable decisions, on appeal, went from 60% to 15%.  [This is abnormal.]

     I decided to try a new and national approach with

this website.  Through years of experience, I know what Social Security looks for when a claim is filed.  

     There are no secrets in the Social Security Disability system, but it's a bureaucracy and it's complicated.  It's a maze.  I've developed a workbook to help disabled individuals find their way through the maze.

     There's a charge for the workbook [$9.95] but it's a small price to pay for the focus it will give you.

              Vivian Munson

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We offer you a workbook.  By filling in the blanks, you focus upon the key factors* that Social Security uses to make decisions in your case.

                   *Other websites call them 'secrets.'